Invest in this 'ETF Killer' today!

Starting from just R500

Invest in this 'ETF Killer' today!

Unit trust
Here's what my readers had to say:

“Every successful investor has made mistakes, but Joshua has helped me avoid the mistakes and still become a successful unit trust investor by answering all my questions”

– Steve JHB

“Joshua has changed the way I think about money. His wide range of tips I’ve come across made a huge impact on my savings and finances"

- N. Cheda, Johannesburg
Dear Reader,

It's easy to understand why ETFs are a hot investment - And it's no secret that I'm a huge fan of them. 
They have minimal fees, require small contributions and on top of all that they give you a fairly diversified investment.
But here's the thing...
I've found a new investment that's even better than ETF's - An investment that I call the 'ETF Killer'. Not only does this 'ETF Killer' offer even lower fees than Unit Trusts, it gives you even more diversification and potentially higher returns all in one neat bundle!
Let me explain...

The power of the 'ETF Killer' revealed

Most ETFs have an all-inclusive fee of just 1.35%, which includes management and administrative costs. 

But by using the 'ETF Killer' you’ll only pay a mere 0.4% in fees!

And that 1% saving could add an additional 42% to your investment value over a 40 year period!

Now that's a killer investment, if you ask me!

So what exactly is this ETF Killer?

Simply put, the ETF Killer is a special kind of 'new generation' Unit Trust.

And this low-cost well-managed Unit Trust is just one of the two top Unit Trust investments I've put together in my new report, The Best Unit Trusts to Invest in Today Starting From Just R500.

In this report I reveal the five very best Unit Trusts to put your money in right now - and exactly how easy it is to get started investing in these 'ETF Killers' - starting from just R500 - right away!


And that's not all, I've also included a comprehensive collection of my answers to the most frequently asked questions about Unit Trust investments, including:
  • What exactly is a Unit Trust?
  • What are the differences in ETF's and Unit Trusts?
  • How much money do you need to invest in Unit Trusts?
  • How do you go about buying a Unit Trust?
  • What are the fees an costs involved in buying into a Unit Trust?
  • How do you identify the next best Unit Trust to invest in?
  • How much money can you expect to make from your Unit Trust investments?
  • How long should you leave your money in a Unit Trust?
  • How long will it take you to make a million rand with Unit Trusts?
And, of course, the answer to the question on everyone's mind... What are my five best Unit Trusts to invest in right now for 2014?
With my new report The Best Unit Trusts to Invest in Today Starting From Just R500 you’ll find the answers to all these, and more, of the most important Unit Trust investing questions, so you can start successfully investing in 'ETF Killer' Unit Trusts for yourself from as little as R500.

It’s practically a giveaway...

So how much am I charging for my comprehensive blueprint on the best ways to invest in the best Unit Trusts from as little as R500?

Information like this could boost your long-term investments by 42% over the rest of your life - And could see you retire a millionaire far sooner than you anticipated.

And financial advisors could charge you up to 1% on your investments for the rest of your life for organising your investments in an 'ETF Killer' type of Unit Trust - Completely wiping out all the fee-saving benefits I showed you above!

In short, I could easily charge you over R1,000 for my The Best Unit Trusts to Invest in Today Starting From Just R500 report.

But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that - Why? 

Well, simply put, I believe every South African is entitled to pay as little investment fees as possible - and I want as many of you to benefit from my research as I possible can help.

So, I've lowered the price on my The Best Unit Trusts to Invest in Today Starting From Just R500 report as far as I can.

All I'm asking for is R497 for all my research - and my two top Unit Trusts to invest in for 2014 - that's just enough to cover my costs.

That's right: You get the benefit of becoming a successful Unit Trust investor... For only R497.

At this price, The Best Unit Trusts to Invest in Today Starting From Just R500  is practically a giveaway! 

So what are you waiting for?

Thrive in your possibilities!

Joshua Benton
Investment Analyst 

P.S: Still not sure if The Best Unit Trusts to Invest in Today Starting From Just R500 is right for you? Don't worry - Thanks to my 90-day money back guarantee, you’ll have nothing to lose... If at any point during that period you feel that The Best Unit Trusts to Invest in Today Starting From Just R500 hasn’t made you a more successful and confident  Unit Trust investor, just let me know, and I'll give you a full refund. 


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Unit trust

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